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KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. (forging plant) was founded in 1889, and now has more than a 120-year tradition in mechanical engineering. Over the years the company has gone through several developments in traditional machinery production and has been modernized and equipped with production facilities, so we are currently able to provide our customers with the highest quality and warranties of forgings including machining and inspections.

The company was privatized in 2001, and its 100% owner became MBNS - International, spol. s r.o. In 2005 the forging plant name was changed to MBNS Kovárna s.r.o. On August 24, 2011 the company was acquired by KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ a.s. and the company returned to its original name KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ KOVÁRNA s.r.o.

At present KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ KOVÁRNA s.r.o. has over 80 employees and focuses on foreign markets, where about 60% of our production is made up. These are the countries of Western and Northern Europe. The remaining 40% is made up of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The company is a holder of the quality management system certificate ISO 9001: 2009, manufacturer of semi-finished products (forgings) in accordance with PED 97/23 / ES, a certified manufacturer of semi-finished products (forgings) under the terms of Bureau Veritas and DNV-GL, and a certified supplier of forgings for nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We process in a wide spectrum of energetic materials as well as the common quality, carbon and alloy steels. Regarding raw material we use ingots, bars and continuous casted blocks from the leading European manufacturers. We have a production line with the forging hydraulic press ZDYJ 1250 / 1600 tons and a manipulator equipped with an integrated control system. The device is intended for the production of high quality forgings. Other manufacturing facilities include an impact hammer, die forging centers, chamber pre-heating and heat treatment furnaces, quenching bath and saws for sampling and cutting materials. Forgings are delivered according to international standards or according to the specific standards of the customer. The company's products are used in energy, transmissions, mining equipment, shipbuilding, drilling platforms and other specialized sectors or critical applications.


A Company with Engineering Traditions

KRALOVOPOLSKA KOVARNA s.r.o. is a forging plant originally established in 1889 for the production of pipeline and pressure vessel parts. Over the years it has gone through several organizational and ownership changes. The company is now modernized and equipped with production facilities to meet current market trends and demands.


Our plant only produces from material out of European leading steelworks. Due to this fact we are able to meet the high demands of the market. KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ KOVÁRNA s.r.o, produces according to a wide range of national and international standards as well as special customer specifications. Control procedures are applied to manufacturing processes. We implement a strict quality control system from purchasing to final transport.


Our products operate in the energy power sectors (hydro, wind, nuclear, thermal, critical applications), petrochemical, shipbuilding and marine industries, agricultural and steelmaking machinery, automotive, transport and construction sectors.


The company provides its services for a wide range of customer requests, including but not limited to, heat treatment, machining, chemical, mechanical and non–destructive testing as well as metallographic inspections. We work together with highly qualified companies and institutes to carry out additional testing procedures.

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